Sunday, July 10, 2011

7.6.11 a lot of time has passed

I've been slack about my blogging and, like I've said before, I'm going to try to keep up with this.  Wow, it's been almost 3 months.

Soon after my last post, we went to Sandals in the Bahamas.  This is a part of a message I sent to a friend:

1. Using points from our credit card, I purchased 2 $100 spa certificates. Meaning that we would have $200 to spend solely at the spa - nails, massage, product, whatever. I checked with the front desk and they didn't have a record of these. I was told to check back later. I did and they still didn't have any record. This time I was told that I need to show them proof that I'd purchased these. I went to our room, got on the computer and searched for the email that I got from the credit card company. I found the email and put it on my phone to bring down to show the desk clerk. The email showed a purchase with points aned had something about the spa at the bottom of the email. They told me that this wasn't good enough proof. I'd had it...this was about the 4th trip to the front desk. We had concierge service so we went to their desk. We talked to one of the agents who called the universal Sandals office right away. She stayed on the phone until she got the bottom of the issue. We sent back to our room and she called us when she'd figured it out and put the credits on our account. It was ridiculous that we had to go to the front desk as many times as we did.

2. There was a dinner for the returning guests. We had a nice time and the food was pretty good. At one point during the meal we were told to reach under our chairs to see if there was anything attached to the underside of the seat. We were told that the whole table of the person who found it would win a prize. Jamie found something under his chair that said, “ Congratulations! You are the winner.” The person up front was asking who had gotten the prize. Our table was yelling that it was us. We were then told that the prize was a couples massage (apparently not for the whole table). Meanwhile, while our table was yelling, someone from another table was going up to the front to claim the prize. Turns out, there was a piece paper under his chair from another event. We had an employee from the resort , Yasmina, sitting at our table and she said that she would make sure that we would get our prize. We were psyched an went through the next couple of days knowing that we were going to have the massage on the second to last day, Sunday. On Saturday morning, we checked at the front desk to make sure that the credit had been applied. They checked with the spa and said that there was no record of it. Grrrrrr. We had to go talk to another person about what had happened to the credit. When we talked to him, he said that he was told that Yasmina had said that the paper was under her chair, which would have made the prize null and void. We told him that the paper was under Jamie’s chair and he told us that Yasmina wasn’t there that day so he would have to call her on her cell. Eventually, after a couple more visits, the issue was resolved and we got our prize.
3. We had a reservation at 8:00 pm for the Hibachi restaurant. Around 6:30 we started to think about getting ready.  Ynfortunately,the toilet was clogged.  Jamie called down to the front desk to let them know and was told that they would send someone up. I still had to take a shower before dinner (lots of sunscreen to wash off, etc.) so, of course, I was waiting for someone to come up before I hopped in the shower. About a half an hour to 45 minutes later, no one had shown up, so Jamie called again. They said, ‘Oh, no one has come? We’ll send someone right up.’ Around 7:40, I decided that I needed to take a shower regardless of what was in the toilet. As I was about to step in, the doorbell rang. Jamie told they guy that I was in the shower so he’d take care of the problem and bring the plunger back. To not drag out this story any longer, basically, we were late for our reservation because I was getting ready.

That's just a part of the issues that we had, but we had a great time, just the same.

May was basically uneventful.  From what I can remember now, so was June (until the 3rd week).  On June 24th, we left Burlington for Colorado to meet my nephew and support my sister while she was doing the MS Bike Ride in from Denver-Fort Collins-Denver.  Amazing!  So proud of my seester!  150 MILES!  Although we had a terrific time, it was by no means relaxing :)  Hanging with such an active 15 month old takes a lot of energy.  Here are some photos of Jack from our trip:

I think that is a good point to end it, for now, but this will certainly be continued,